Why Is Paper Shredding Necessary?

Lots of people essential believe that paper shredding Mesa AZ services with high quality are costly – however, the reality could be different from the truth.


If you are running a small or large business, one thing is crucial to drive it safe is to keep the sensitive data and information regarding your business must be kept safe. Unwanted documents must be shredded on time. Identity fraud presents everywhere and is growing their criminal activities rapidly. Poorly disposed material can create problems as they can be stolen during their destruction process. They can be found in domestic bins or on public dump sites quickly which can be used by the frauds without you even knowing.

Household Shredding:

Most of the businesses companies have own shredding machines. It is a good approach but still not 100% safe or effective because the most popular shredding equipment shred documents into strips, which is the least secure type of shredding. These strips are often put straight into an office bin which can easily be retrieved by anybody from the office.

Professional Shredders:

Professional shredders are used by most of the companies because these shredders provide a very secure shredding in the matter of security. They don’t make noise and dust as compare to the strip cut shredders. These shredders are micro-cut shredders, which shred paper into small particles like dust. Industrial shredding machines can shred almost anything that can be used for identity fraud, for example, Hard Drives, CDs, DVDs, Pen Drives, Credit Cards, Magnetic Media, Uniforms, video tapes, and faulty goods, etc.

Choose On-Site or Off-Site According to The Requirement:

There are two types of shredding services provided by the professional shredding services Mesa companies off-site and on-site.

  1. Off-Site Shredding services: The security managers from the shredding company collect sensitive items and take them to their shredding facility where the work is carried out. Most professional shredding Mesa AZ companies offer an excellent service, but off-site is not the most secure way to shred the sensitive data of your business. Sensitive data and Documents may change hands a few times before reaching to their destination, which creates a security risk. Also, once the material has been reached then where is the guarantee that it will be shredded effectively?
  2. Off-Site Shredding services: On-site shredding considered the most secure way of shredding. Shredding containers and mobile trucks visit the facility to collect the material and destroy it on the premises. You can see that how these sensitive data is being destroyed, and also get immediately a certificate of secure and safe shredding.

Professional shredding services Mesa companies also contribute to the environment by sending the shredded materials to the recycling companies.

What is required to Shred at your home or office?

There are just not documents that can be destructed and recycled. According to the Government and legal authorities that anything that has a signature should be shredded including old cards and passports, legal documents, approved credit card applications, bills, and statements.


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